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Sarah's Creek Circuit

Lower Sarah's Creek Falls

My plan was to see all 7 falls along Sarah's Creek. It was supposed to be overcast so I figured I'd start at the furthest upstream and work my way down. Well, it turned out to be a sunny day. After attempting to drive to the upper most Falls, Little Thunder Falls and finding the road too torn up for my 4x4 Ranger I decided to park after the first Creek crossing and hike the rest of the way. On the way the road passes the second fall, Doctor Grohl Falls, which I stopped at to photograph. After descending to the fall I saw that it was in full sun which made it difficult to photograph. Since I had full sun I decided to forgo the upper fall since I figured it would be in full sun also. Instead I headed back downstream to Upper and Lower Apple Valley Falls. I had photographed these previously so I didn't photograph them this day. After spending some time at these two Falls I decided to head downstream to Upper and Lower Sarah's Creek Falls. After parking and following a shot but somewhat steep trail I saw the Falls through the trees. At first glance I was rather stunned. It was much prettier than I expected. I descended the rest if the way to the creek and worked my way up to the fall. Since I had full sun I had left my camera in the truck. That was a mistake. Even though I had full sun, there were no shadows on the fall, and it would have been easy to photograph. I worked my way upstream to the upper fall and it too was in full sun. It's probably a summertime hike to the upper fall as the easiest way to access it is through the creek. I was able to get to it by climbing on downed logs but I wouldn't try that with a backpack full of camera gear. After spending some time there I headed back to the truck to go to the final fall on the creek. It was a small but scenic fall called Sarah's Creek Campground Falls. By this time it was getting late so I decided to head home. However, with the forecast being overcast the next day, Sunday, I headed back to Lower Sarah's Creek Falls to get some shots before the conditions changed. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Lower Sarah's Creek Falls

Upper Apple Valley Falls

Sarah's Creek Campground Falls.

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